London & Quadrant don’t think small, with over 110,000 homes across the UK, when they looked at their role as heat suppliers, they decided to set-up L&Q Energy.

L&Q Energy selected Sycous and our Mabdeck Software to enable them to manage their portfolio of existing and increasing new-build heat metered properties, including properties for credit billing and PAYG. The portfolio with L&Q covers multiple PAYG solutions, as well as an enormous variety of meter and communication systems. It is testament to our internal development team to be able to successfully adopt such a range of different hardware and solutions.

L&Q already have over 6,000 meters on Mabdeck, which is growing daily as they adopt previously outsourced billing and new build sites.

This ambition has grown, not only wanting to provide services to L&Q properties, they actively offer metering and billing solutions to other housing associations. Mabdeck Software is able to work for L&Q both as an insourced operator but also as their own Metering and Billing company, all through a single interface.

Sycous have supported L&Q through every growth stage, being available for remote support as well as providing in-person training sessions to all of their growing team.

As the Mabdeck Software is SaaS based, L&Q and their residents have continued to benefit from new and exciting features, such as our Mobile Apps and online customer portals.

Our engineering team have also supported the growth of L&Q, providing expert service and repairs, especially on their Guru PAYG solutions. Sycous have being trained by Guru Systems to be experts on their equipment, ensuring an industry-leading service is provided to L&Q and their residents.