Private landlords are responsible for the majority of rental properties across the UK.

They range in size from single property to enormous portfolios and can find themselves coming across heat networks on a more regular basis, or just finding out about their new responsibilities as a heat network supplier.

Challenges Faced

The challenges faced around private landlords centre around increasing regulation and unknowingly becoming a utility supplier, especially when converting property and installed shared renewable or other heat technology.

Sycous Solutions

Private landlords would likely benefit from our Customer Billing Services, which can take on operational responsibilities where acting as a heat supplier when looking at multiple properties.

Additionally, when developing a heat network, we can assist in selecting the right Metering and Data Collection hardware that is designed to be open-protocol, as well as PAYG solutions that minimise debt risk.

Where a private landlord is responsible just for a single property on a heat network, the HIU Maintenance solution from our partners HIU Service is ideal to ensure the system is working safely and efficiently, no different to carrying a gas safety check. This can also come with the added benefit of a service agreement for call-outs covered by experts at a known cost.