Contractors undertake a huge variety of works on behalf of end clients, developers, main contacts and more.

In terms of heat networks and private utility networks, contractors may be required to adhere to a specification, whilst seeking to minimise cost and provide the most robust solution.

Challenges Faced

The biggest challenge for contractors is getting the right products, at the right price and when they need them.

Sycous Solutions

Sycous can help in providing best value products, which can attain requirements of specifications, as well as offering additional benefits to the end client for a robust long-term operation.

Sycous have the Meter and Data Collection hardware suitable for a range of applications, supported with technical data sheets and accessible O&M information. Additionally, where PAYG solutions is required this can also be provided.

Our Project Delivery team are here to provide a single point of contact for contractors, from arranging deliveries to managing onsite works and more.

We recognise the challenges faced by contractors but also believe we can work proactively to minimise those challenges with our range of products but most importantly, our support.