Guru Hub II

  • Guru Hub II

Guru Hub II


The Guru Hub II provides a single hub for multi-fuel credit or PAYG functionality across all supplies including, heat, hot water, electricity, gas and cold water. You can also operate some supplies, such as cold water, as credit whilst other supplies operate in PAYG mode with just a single Guru Hub.

The Guru solution works on an 868MHz wireless mesh networks with all hubs and repeaters being connected wirelessly to a central gateway and as a mesh each hub also improves the robustness of the overall network ensuring multiple paths of communication are always maintained with every hub.

The Guru solution offers both a wall-mounted or recessed wall-mounted options to make it ideal for both new-builds and retrofits.

    • Multi-utility PAYG or Credit Billing
    • MBus, Pulse and PT1000 inputs
    • Large colour display
    • Touch screen
    • Recessed or wall-mounted
    • Transferable protocol
    • Multiple top-up options
    • Wireless mesh – no individual SIM required
    • Wireless mesh – no site wide wiring required
    • Big Data analytics with Guru PinPoint
    • Intelligent commissioning and maintenance
  • Part Code Name
    GU007PP Onsite survey & RF Network Design - First Block
    GU009PP Onsite Survey & RF Network Design - Additional
    GU010PP Guru Hub II - Dwelling Hubs
    GU011PP Guru Hub II - Block Level Hubs
    GU012PP Guru Hub II - Plantroom Hub
    GU013PP Guru Hub II - Recessed Wall Mount Kit
    GU014PP Router Draytek 2862 - pre configured
    GU015PP Digi ConnectPort X4 868 Gateway
    GU016PP IP Power Switch
    GU017PP Repeater for 868MHz network
    GU018PP Secure Data Cabinet (Large)
    GU019PP Secure Data Cabinet (Small)
    GU020PP Network Switch (5, 8 or 16 port)
    GU008PP Guru Hub Commissioning
    GU022PP Project Management Site Delivery fee
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