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We believe in a sustainable future with transparent and accessible data at the heart of it.

We champion both innovation and education, to help drive positive change in the world of metering and billing and help keep costs as low as possible for consumers.

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    Ground-breaking software that works alongside your current processes, not against them
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    World class research to power world class technologies.
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    Access to data that empowers consumers, operators, researchers and products. To meter is to know.

Our Vision

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    We see a future where heat networks are both sustainable and the norm.
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    We see a future without fuel poverty and unaffordable energy and utilities.
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    We see a future where data revolutionises the way we interact with our utilities.

Our Values

People are at the heart of what we do. Our team, you, your team, and your consumers. If it doesn’t benefit everyone, it’s not right for anyone.

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Open protocol

Just because you buy from us doesn’t mean you’re tied to us.

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Honesty, reliability and openness from all our team and built right into our products and services.

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The right solution

Never make a problem fit a solution, find the right solution for the application.

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We can’t change the world if we try do it alone. We’ll work with you and others to improve what we do and what you can do.

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Best value

The best quality, the most compatible and cost effective.



Data is incredibly useful. It’s also incredibly personal. We treat data with the respect, sensitivity and security it deserves.

Our Experts

We have a large team of experts from software developers to engineers. Our team is built around providing you with industry-leading products, solutions, support and service delivery.

Our Leadership Team

  • Luke Chambers Sycous Commercial Team

    Luke Chambers

    Commercial Team

  • Sycous Matthew Hall

    Matthew Hall

  • Joseph Collier Sycous Development and Product Director

    Joseph Collier

    Development and Product Director

Our Product and Solution Experts

  • Martyn Farrelly Sycous Business Development Director

    Martyn Farrelly

    Business Development Director

  • Odessa Ahmed Sycous Business Development Manager

    Odessa Ahmed

    Business Development Manager

  • John

    John Williams

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

  • Charlotte 2

    Charlotte Axe

    Support Delivery Manager

  • Gina Carrington Project Delivery Lead

    Gina Carrington

    Project Delivery Lead

  • Aron Rayner Sycous Field Services Manager

    Aron Rayner

    Field Services Manager

  • James Reddington Sycous Software Development Manager

    James Reddington

    Software Development Manager

  • Ruby Friel Sycous Product Owner

    Ruby Friel

    Product Owner

  • Rebecca Lahan Sycous Senior Software Developer

    Rebecca Lahan

    Senior Software Developer

  • Angie Cierpka Sycous Onboarding Manager

    Angie Cierpka

    Onboarding Manager