Consultants are responsible for a range of tasks, the foremost for Sycous comes to new-build and retrofit projects where consultants are employed to help the client make an informed choice when it comes to heat networks and private utility networks.

A consultant seeks to develop buildings and heat networks that are comfortable, functional, efficient and safe.

Challenges Faced

We recognise that consultants wish to select the latest proven technologies to offer the most efficient systems, which can lower the ongoing operational costs to both occupiers and the end clients.

An important factor to consider is not just the construction phase but also the operational phase of the building and making sure that solutions and systems are future-proofed.

Sycous Solutions

Sycous provide open-protocol Metering and Data Collection systems, meaning we do not lock a client into any of our services.

We select the products we sell based on their suitability for their application and as a service provider who may be employed to do Customer Billing Services for the client, we recognise the need for robust and proven technologies, such as MBus to be able to easily and simply access meter data.

Where a concern may exist about a potential future debt risk, our PAYG solutions can reduce that debt risk significantly for heat networks and private utility networks.

All our hardware solutions have data sheets and technical information that is accessible online.

Our team of experts are also happy to assist consultants and work proactively with them to share our solution-specific knowledge and experience.