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Unlocking the universe of metering.

Orbit connects communal and district heating networks to a modern, cost effective and open-protocol metering and PAYG system.

Utilising cloud technology, Orbit is hardware agnostic and provides everything expected from a traditional PAYG system, whilst modernising to reduce heat network costs and removing the need for in-home hardware.

Orbit is fully integrated with our Mabdeck Metering and Billing software and mySycous app, ready to provide all the in-home display functionality expected from residents for a futureproofed metering and PAYG system.

Mbus, Wireless MBus, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT Logos

    • Multi-utility PAYG or Credit Billing
    • Lower Capex and Opex costs compared to traditional PAYG systems
    • No lifetime manufacturer or HES fees
    • Lower maintenance requirements compared to traditional PAYG systems
    • Ability to add multiple tariff modules
    • Smart or comfort tariffs
    • Mobile wallet support
    • Designed to meet Metering and Billing Regulation
    • Open API meaning software can be operated by any billing system
    • MBus and Wireless MBus as well as IoT LoRa and NB-IoT
    • Integrated with mySycous App
    • Integrated with Mabdeck
    • Integrated with a variety of payment providers including PayPoint, Stripe and WorldPay
    • Smart Home connected including Amazon Alexa
  • Part Code Name
    SY001OR PAYG valve and MBus Disconnection
    SY002OR PAYG valve and LoRaWAN Disconnection
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