Zenner VMT-IUF

Flow Meters
  • Zenner VMT-IUF

Zenner VMT-IUF

Flow Meters

Introducing the ultrasonic flow sensor from Zenner available from DN50 to DN300 providing nominal flows from qp 15m3/h to qp 600m3/h.

The robust and high-quality design can be permanently used up to a temperature of 130 °C. The recorded volume can be output either in the form of conventional volume pulses or via a modern data interface (type VMCP / Volume Meter Cycle Protocol).

The flow sensor has been designed with short body lengths to suit existing Woltman WP type flow sensors, meaning the existing mechanical flow sensors can now be easily replaced by ultrasonic technology without the need for pipe work changes which can be expensive and require large periods of shut down.

    • Available from DN50 to DN300
    • High-quality and durable housing, up to nominal size DN 100 made of stainless steel
    • 2 ultrasonic measuring paths for precise flow measurement
    • MID Class 2
    • No straight inlet or outlet sections required
    • Permanent temperature load up to 130 °C, temporarily up to 150 °C
    • Any installation position (even "head down")
    • Optional data interface for transmission of volume, flow rate, flow direction and device status
    • Continuous nominal diameters from DN 50 to 300, including DN 125
    • Ideal for calibration replacement of Woltman flow sensors of type WP and WS due to compatible overall lengths
    • Can be combined with the Zenner WR3 or other standard energy calculators available from Sycous
    • Possibility of integrating a temperature sensor or pressure sensor with threaded connection ½"
  • Part Code Name Size Qp (m3/h) Output
    ZE050SO 50MM Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Q15 50 15 Pulse 
    ZE065SO 65MM Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Q25 65 25 Pulse 
    ZE080SO 80MM Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Q40 80 40 Pulse 
    ZE100SO 100MM Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Q60 100 60 Pulse 
    ZE125SO 125MM Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Q100 125 100 Pulse 
    ZE150SO 150MM Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Q150 150 150 Pulse 
    ZE200SO 200MM Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Q250 200 250 Pulse 
    ZE250SO 250MM Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Q400 250 400 Pulse 
    ZE300SO 300MM Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Q600 300 600 Pulse 
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