We are really pleased that Emma Paton has joined our team today as Head of Operations.

Emma was previously Director of Business Operations at a disruptive new entrant utilities supplier, which focussed on amazing service and innovative operating models.

Emma’s strategic delivery experience, alongside working with innovative market offerings, will be put to good use as we continue to disrupt and set new standards across heat networks. Additionally, that experience leading teams in a highly regulated market, during a structurally disruptive time with projects such as SMART, supports us as we work to meet and exceed consumer expectations of heat networks.

We only need to see the latest study coming from Citizens Advice ‘Bringing heat networks up to standard’ and we see the importance of offering ‘clear and transparent information’ and the work that needs to be done across the industry to achieve consumer expectations.

Sycous have invested in many of our consumer resources, especially with the launch of mySycous.com, our consumer Mobile App and expansion of our onboarding and support teams. We recognise that is not enough and Emma will take a leading role in working to set the highest levels of service and delivery to our clients and their consumers.

Finally, Emma also looks forward to taking an active role in industry groups such as the District Heating Divas!