Heat Metering and Data Collection Equipment

We have now fulfilled our course allocation for the 23/24 financial year. If you would like to be updated on future course date announcements please enquire using our contact form.

Our Heat Metering and Data Collection Equipment Course aims to provide the niche skills and knowledge required by individuals for working with heat metering and data collection equipment. It will be a single day training aimed at complementing the skills of existing M&E professionals.

Experience with, and knowledge of heat metering and data collection systems is not widespread, which often requires heat network operators to rely on individuals with general M&E skills for installation or maintenance of metering systems. This often results in quality issues affecting metering data or requiring follow up works.

Our training course focuses on elements that are particular to heat metering and data collection equipment, which can then be combined with an individual’s existing practical skills to enable reliable and competent installation or maintenance of heat network metering equipment.

Topics covered include:

  • The principles of the equipment (i.e. what components make up a heat meter, and how they work together to provide the energy reading for billing)
  • Common faults and pitfalls (i.e. incorrect placement of metering equipment in pipework)
  • Common device error codes and their meanings

The course will be delivered using a mix of classroom presentation, practical demonstration, and practical exercises.

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Course cost:

As the government have allocated £500 per person as a grant towards this course, the course will only cost you £50 + booking fees and VAT.