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Advanced data collection and management.

We are providers of smart metering and remote data collection hardware. We are also the proud developers of the UK's first cloud based, remote data collection administration software for use in the district heating and communal energy market. We pride ourselves on leading the way in metering and billing solutions, gaining international attention for our innovations in the energy sector.

Ground-breaking software that works alongside your current processes, not against them.

World class research to power world class technology.

Access to data that empowers consumers, operators, researchers and products. To meter is to know.

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Our Vision

We see a future where district energy is both sustainable and the norm.

We see a future without fuel poverty and unaffordable energy.

We see a future where data revolutionises the way we interact with our energy.


People are at the heart of what we do. Our team, you, your team, your consumers. If it doesn't benefit everyone, it's not right for anyone.

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    Open protocol
    Just because you buy from us doesn't mean you're tied to us.
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    We can't change the world if we try do it alone. We'll teach you everything you need to know to run your network with best practice, without being dependant on another organisation.
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    People, how we sell, how we go about business.
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    Best value
    Quality. Low cost, compatibility.
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    Data is incredibly useful. It's also incredibly personal and valuable. We treat data with the respect it deserves. The respect you deserve. Fairly, sensitively accurate securely.
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    The right solution
    Adaptability, never make a problem fit a solution, work with partners to find solutions.

Our Experts

Luke Chambers
Business Development
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What he doesn’t know on metering and data collection is simply not worth knowing.

Bob Hatton
Business Development
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Carl Hanson
Business Development
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Always at the end of a phone to answer your questions and ensure you receive only the very best service.

Rebecca Killip
Operations Manager
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An expert in our software, making sure you know what you’re doing and on-hand when you need her.

Bethany Jarrett
Data Technology Analyst
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Jordan Sullivan
Purchasing Controller
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Need some support on our hardware or software? Jordan can help.  

Matthew Hall
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Our very own guru on regulation, industry best practise and software integration.

Joseph Collier
Research and Innovation
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Joe is the strategic one, looking at our marketing and industry partnerships, always with an eye on what could be next.

Benjamin Owen
Product Manager
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Ben ensures your experience of our software is second to none, always aiming for 100% uptime.

James Bourne
Software Developer
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A systems architect like no other, focusing on security and integration across our software.

Tom Halson
Software Developer
Kieran Devlin
Software Developer
David Beddows
Software Developer
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Andy Crow
Software Developer
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Our amazing team is growing as we transform the metering industry, so if you’d like to join us on our exciting journey, we’d love to hear from you. Careers

  • It's great to see a company so focused on the experience of consumers, on the environmental savings, and so willing to be open and engaging to anyone in the industry whether they're a customer or not. We're proud to collaborate with Sycous, and look forward to a long future pursuing the same goals

    Richard Lupo, Senior Sustainability Consultant at Sustainable Homes

  • We really wanted to be able to manage our billing in house, so much so that we were going to develop our own software. Then we found Sycous, and saw the opportunities of their online software. It provided both us and our customers the ability to manage billing in a much more user friendly way. We really like the freedom it gives us, and the integration we can have with our existing finance systems. Its relatively simple and easy to use and the support we have received from Sycous has been second to none. The service has been great for us and our customers!

    Victoria Mager, Commissioning Manager at Anchor

  • The Sycous team are experts on anything related to metering and data. They have always gone above and beyond to ensure we receive the very best products and service in a professional and efficient manner.

    Antony Noonan, Owner of JKN Renewables

Our Partners