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The Measuring Instruments Directive, or MID as it is commonly known, has become synonymous with metering.

This is especially the case with heat meters, driven by the metering requirements of non-domestic RHI for MID Class 2 meters to be installed.

However, very few actually understand what MID is all about. MID is a European directive (2004/22/EC) that harmonises the requirements of 10 different measuring instrument types, including gas, electricity, water and heat meters.

MID approved meters, which include primary and secondary sub-meters, must satisfy specific conformity assessment procedures and have MID markings which allow the instruments to be used for fiscal billing purposes in any EU member state.

Meters already installed, that were approved under UK National legislation prior to October 2006 may remain installed indefinitely, as long as they are measuring accurately. Any new meter manufactured and approved after October 2006 must be approved under the MID regulations.

It is a criminal offence to use a non-approved meter for fiscal billing purposes, carrying a potential fine of £1,000 per non-MID meter. A consumer is also within their rights to refuse payment on a non-MID meter.

How do I know my meter is MID Approved?

All MID approved meters will be stamped with a MID Approval Mark, as shown in the image below.


The MID Approval Mark will be made up on the CE or EU Consumer Safety Directive Compliance mark followed by the MID ‘M’ metrology mark, plus 2-digit year of manufacture and finally a 4 digit Approving Notified Body reference number.

If you are unsure about whether your installed meters are MID Approved, please Contact Us to arrange a survey and check out the Sycous range of MID Approved Meters.