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To request a refund, please contact us by calling 0333 880 3115 or emailing us at so that we can confirm your details and the circumstances of the refund before it is approved and processed. If your account is in debt or if processing a refund will cause your account to fall into debt then we will unfortunately be unable to process a refund. If your account is in credit and you wish to have the balance returned to you, we may process this refund once it has been approved by your Utility Provider or Heat Network Operator. If you are unsure who this is, please contact the Sycous Support team by calling us on 0333 880 3115 or emailing If a card payment is processed for a higher amount than expected when entered by yourself online, then the amount will only be partially refunded to your card, with the correct payment amount retained as intended to clear any outstanding balance. If you have recently vacated your property, and your account is in credit, we will only process a refund once the final bill has been confirmed and generated using a valid mater reading AND only if the request is accepted by your Utility Provider or Heat Network Operator. Refunds can only be processed to the card originally used to make the transaction. If this card has now expired, the refund will still be processed to it and you must contact your card issuer to arrange for the funds to be received. Please be advised that if the debit/refund are issued on an international card there may be a currency difference between the sale and refund due to exchange rates, and you may be liable for this difference if a chargeback was raised.