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Automatic billing and reporting software for heat networks and energy networks.


  • Import and validate your data
  • E-statements or print files for the snail mail
  • Process payments, manage consumers and hardware
  • Access your data
  • Consumer Support and Debt Control


  • Save time – roughly 2 hours a month to manage 150 properties
  • Access your data
  • Never be outdated, with constant development


  • Reduce consumer’s administration charges by up to 74%
  • That’s £3.50 saving per statement.
  • Not just that but savings of £4.05 in energy usage can be saved for the average consumer.
  • So for every £1 you spend, you save consumers £5.03!

Billing doesn't need to be expensive. It doesn't need to be complicated. Whether your energy network supplies one building or an entire city, managing it can be simple and cost effective. We automate as many of the processes of administering an energy network as we can, leaving you free to concentrate on the important things - delivering an excellent service to your consumers!

Want freedom and reduced long term risks?

We don't do long contracts, giving you the freedom to change, and giving us the drive to make sure you're constantly happy and supported.

Want to make sure it's right?

We make sure your data is validated against essential conditions, as well as any parameters you need individually.

Want to be at the cutting edge every day?

Our software is ever evolving! We make regular changes to our software so it works most effectively for you. We listen to our customers to make the changes you want. Every change is available immediately to you and your consumers, at no extra cost.

Want to know exactly what's going on? - Access all your metering data. Not just the meter readings, but error flags, flow rates, temperatures. All the Information you need to make informed decisions.

Want to keep your consumers engaged?

You can access all the information you need through the consumer management system to be able to deliver excellent customer service. Your consumers can access their accounts online, or receive e-statements if they want.print files for the snail mail.

Want peace of mind that you're complying with regulations?

Not only do we make sure you're complying with the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014, we also make sure you're surpassing the expectations.

Want the best deal for you and your consumers?

We lower the cost of administration, whilst making sure it's also cutting edge, effective and industry leading. Great value for you!

Don't want administration to take up your entire day? - We've built Intelligent online software, which automates as much of the process as possible, so you only need to deal with the abnormalities.

Want it to be easy?

Access your data anytime, anywhere, any device. We can integrate with your existing processes and software so you're not doubling up work and can deliver seamless service.

Want to be confident about what you're using?

We recognise the need for data security across the Mabdeck platform. All data is accessible only to the permitted users and is segregated based on access.

Consumer management. Billing. Analysis. Simple.